How to register a business in Netherlands

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How to register a business in Netherlands

We can help you to register a business in the Netherlands. All we need from you is a copy of your passport and a proof of your living address (like a electricity bill with your personal address on it and younger than two months). This is enough for to follow our experienced way to register a company in the Netherlands.

How to register a company in  Netherlands?

We can offer the registration of your foreign company or even setup your new Netherlands company only for € 950.

How to register a business in  Netherlands?

  • If the shareholder(s) and director(s) is (are) an individual, we need from each individual:
    • copy of his/her passport
    • Proof of the living address younger than 2 months
    • marital status
  • If the shareholder(s) and/or director(s) is (are) a company, we need from each company:
    • an original extract from the foreign trade register. If the director(s) is(are) not mentioned in this document, than we need a legal opinion from a notary in that country stating who the director(s) is(are) of the Ltd and their legal capacity.  If the director (or one of the director) is another company then we also need an extract from the foreign trade register of this company. This goes on until (all of) the director(s) is a “natural person”.
    • UBO-declaration (Ultimate Benificial Owner)
    • a copy of the deed of incorporation.

That’s as simple at it looks like. We take care of all the rest and can guarantee the registration of your company.

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