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Dutch BV company

How to start Netherlands company with just 16% VAT

Starting your Netherlands company is now even more interesting than before. This is because the Government have planned some new rules for the corporation VAT. In the year 2018, the VAT will drop from 20% to 16% for the first TAX bracket. This means that the corporation, have to pay 4% less for the first 200.000 euro profit. Beside this benefit, the second TAX bracket (200.000+ euro) will also drop from 25% to 21%. This process will gradually happen between 2018 and 2021. The Netherlands will become a lot more advantageously to settle your business then it has been before. This plan will be introduced in the coming months by the Dutch Government.

Are you interested in how to start a business in the Netherlands?

Dike International is able to assist you in how to start business in the Netherlands. We are a company formation service provider in the Netherlands. It’s not required to visit The Netherlands and/or for you to live in the Netherlands to start your own company. The whole process can be done from distance, but if preferred, it’s also available to visit The Netherlands to start your business and achieve the Schengen VISA for Europe. You will have free access to the European Union.

How to start business in Netherlands?

The most chosen entity is the BV company. This can be compared to a Limited Liability Company. The only legal requirement is that the BV has a registered address in the Netherlands, The BV is divided into shares, which are owned by the shareholder(s). The BV company will need at least one director. Also, the shareholder(s) and director(s) don’t have to be a Dutch resident.

How to open business in Netherlands?

Dike International is able to offer this Netherlands company formation only for € 950.

What do we need for a Netherlands company formation?

  • If the shareholder(s) and director(s) is (are) an individual, we need from each individual:
    • copy of the passport
    • proof of the living address (not older than 2 months: for example a gas or electricity bill)
    • marital status: married or unmarried
  • If the shareholder(s) and director(s) is (are) a company, we need from each company:
    • an original extract from the foreign trade register. If the director(s) is (are) not mentioned in this document, than we need a legal opinion from a notary in that country stating who the director(s) is(are) of the Ltd and their legal capacity.  If the director (or one of the director) is another company then we also need an extract from the foreign trade register of this company. This goes on until (all of) the director(s) is a “natural person”.
    • UBO-declaration
    • a copy of the deed of incorporation of the company.

How to start a small business in the Netherlands?

This can be done as mentioned above. For small and medium small companies, it’s common to open a BV company in The Netherlands. At Dike International, this can be done for only 950 euro. The foundation of a small/medium small company has the outer appearance of a large business in the Netherlands and Europe. Please contact us to get the best possible advises how to start a small or medium small business in the Netherlands.

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