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Open a company in Netherlands

Open a company in Netherlands is one of your best strategic choices to expand your business massively, there are a few company structures that can be used when you open a company in Netherlands.

  • Public companies (NV)
  • Private limited liability company (BV)
  • Foundations
  • General and limited partnerships
  • Associations and cooperatives

By far, the BV (besloten vennootschap) is the most employed company structure in the Netherlands. Open company in Netherlands will bring you a lot of advantages, like opportunities to grow and the possibilities to build your network in Europe.

It’s also possible to open a branch of your company in the Netherlands instead of opening a total new company. Sometimes this might be a better option, if you would like to have advice regarding this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us

We have helped a lot of companies to open a company in the Netherlands, and because of this, we’ve build a strong partnership with the Dutch tax authorities and many bank offices. Due this strong partnership, we can speed up the process to the maximum.

If you decide to open a company in Netherlands, we can assist you in the whole process from A to Z, we have lucrative package deals for the first year.
If you would like to have more information about open company in Netherlands, feel free to send an email to or fill in our contact page.

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